Our Tropical Flowers

Heliconias, Gingers, Zingiber, Musas, are amazing plants, not only for their beauty, but also for their important contribution to the development of a tropical ecosystem. Our tropical flowers are characterized by their varied shapes, colors, sizes, for their long life after cutting, they do not need refrigeration and for being very strong and resistant to manipulation, they have great durability among their advantages.

Ecuador is considered the country with the best flowers in the world. This is due to its geographical location, which provides it with natural advantages, such as luminosity, climate, soil, altitude, among other factors that allow us to produce excellent quality flowers, every month of the year.


Know our offer

NativeFarm makes available to the world a great variety of tropical flowers and foliage, which are cultivated and harvested with our own hands.


Our tropical bouquets have a characteristic that differentiates them from other flowers and that is that they have an exotic touch. They also last an average of 15 days of life in a vase with adequate hydration.


Tropical flowers have intense and bright colors. They are used in flower arrangements to give color and height, they are really beautiful and give a lot of freshness to the place in the house where the arrangement is placed.


The role of foliage in flower arrangements is important, since any process of selling flowers of any style, considers the different shapes and colors presented by the foliage as an important element.


You can personalize your order by making a mix of flowers and / or tropical foliage, it is ideal for making your own arrangements or decorating your spaces, you can also combine them with other types of flowers.

We make our flowers available to the world

Ecuador is considered as the producer of the best flowers in the world. Our tropical flowers are no exception. get in touch for more information.