We love to share our flowers with the world.

Knows something about us

NativeFarm is a family business with a conglomerate of farms on the Ecuadorian coast. Over the years, countless fruits have been produced on our farms and a wide variety of flowers have been collected. Our tropical flowers are the ones that excite us the most, due to their unusual shapes and vibrant colors, giving each space a natural and wild touch.

Therefore, we decided to share our passion, producing on our farms and with our own hands, from the harvest of the varieties, their reproduction and care, an endless number of flowers and foliage. We wish that more homes appreciate the unusual beauty of these flowers and that in every corner of their homes they have a piece of our Ecuadorian jungle.

Nature lovers

Know what we do

Nativefarm collects species in their natural habitat, then they are transferred to our farm for conservation. There they are planted and cultivated with environmentally friendly practices.

We are excited to share our work with the rest of the world and at the same time help preserve these species, making an important contribution, in the conservation of a tropical ecosystem.

Our Farm

Our farm is located on the Naranjito – Bucay Highway, at Km 63, in a highly productive area. Several fruits have been grown on our farms over the years, such as cocoa, bananas, sugar cane, among others.

We make our flowers available to the world

Ecuador is considered as the producer of the best flowers in the world. Our tropical flowers are no exception. get in touch for more information.