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A little piece of Jungle


About our flowers

Nothing more special than having a small piece of our jungle in your own home.

NativeFarm makes tropical flowers and foliage available to the world, they are incredible plants that have intense and vibrant colors, have a long vase life and give each space a natural and wild touch.

I bought these for our house for Valentine’s Day, they are very,  very beautiful. I’ve had them for 4 days, they look as fresh as they did on day 1


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Something about us

NatifveFarm collects species in their natural habitat, then they are taken to our farms to cultivate them with friendly practices with the environment. In this way we contribute to the conservation of these species and a tropical ecosystem.

My wife loves tropical flowers. She simply talked about how beautiful this collection was. Beautiful and great value and well packaged.



We make our flowers available to the world

Ecuador is considered as the producer of the best flowers in the world. Our tropical flowers are no exception. get in touch for more information.

From our farm to the world​